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The Beneath by SC Ransom

It’s an ordinary school day, but Lily is about to step into a nightmare. The girl rushing out of the Tube tunnel tells a crazy story about an underground community and a charismatic leader with an evil plan. How can Lily trust her? It’s only when Lily finds herself in the labyrinth beneath London that she learns the horrific truth – about the Farmer, the Crop and about herself.

My thoughts
I wasn't too sure what to expect from this book when Nosy Crow kindly sent it to me and had no real expectations for it having never read anything by the author before. I was treated to an exciting and fast paced read which hooked me from the first page. It was a really nice mix of contemporary and dystopian which worked well. It had some really clever ideas which are quite frightening when you think about them too hard about how our world could turn out in the future. Well worth a look.