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Oska Pollock Blog Tour: Spotify Playlist

Thrilling, third instalment in the phenomenal Oksa Pollock series, out now in paperback!

The earth is in turmoil. Fleeing a flooded London, Oksa and her family along with the Runaways, head off in search of the entrance portal of Edefia, their magical home. It is the only chance for them to restore the chaos on earth and the mounting troubles in their homeland. To get there Oksa is forced to ally herself with the treacherous felons, mortal enemies who could betray her at any moment. But she has the support of her family and friends – who also posses some invaluable strengths: Pavel her shape-shifting father; Gus and Tudgual, the two love rivals who care for Oksa deeply; and of course
her formidable grandmother, Dragomira, and her menagerie of Edefian creatures. But little does Oksa know that she will have to endure some terrifying dangers in order to reach the portal, and will have to pay a terrible price to enter the hidden world… And what will await her on the other side?

I have been asked to share the link below as part of this blogtour to a Spotify List of songs to go with the book

Spotify Playlist