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Hook's daughter by Heidi Schulz

It's not easy being the daughter of Captain Hook. Twelve-year-old Jocelyn dreams of following in his footsteps - but her grandfather sends her to finishing school instead. When her father meets his unfortunate end, Jocelyn sails to Neverland to avenge his death. But she hadn't bargained on ticking crocodiles, lazy pirates and a troublemaking boy called Peter Pan.

My thoughts
I'm not into fantasy books at all but from a very early age I have always had a soft spot for Peter Pan. If I had to pick one fantasy world to visit Neverland would probably be it. I've also always had a soft spot for the pirates in the story. 

This book therefore was a perfect read for me. It is utterly charming catching that neverland magic perfectly. I loved having a new story set in that world and it totally hooked me from that point of view.

The story is focused on Hook's daughter. She is a brilliant new character from the outset when she is trying to fit in at finishing school and not doing very well at it at all. I enjoyed getting to know this feisty young girl and seeing her come into her own whilst taking on the role of Captain of Hook's ship and seeking revenge for his death. 

All in all a fabulously charming read which I thoroughly enjoyed.


Oh this sounds brilliantly wonderful retake on familiar characters!