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The book I am most excited to read in 2015

I was recently asked by Tombola Times if I'd be happy to do a post about my most anticipated read of 2015. As soon as I was asked I knew exactly which book I was going to write about. For me the 2015 release I am most excited about is Remix by Non Pratt.

Non's first novel Trouble is one of my favourite books and I've made it no secret no much I adored it on here. Trouble was one of those books that I gobbled up in one greedy sitting as soon as the proof copy arrived. I loved it so much I actually sneaked a reread in for a book group video for Bookish Brits four months after originally reading it the first time round. 

Therefore ever since reading Trouble I have been been desperately waiting for Non's next book Remix. 

(Cover not final - picture stolen from Non's twitter feed)

Official Blurb
Boys don’t break your heart; best friends do. A funny touching story about friendship by the critically acclaimed Non Pratt, author of Trouble.

From the author of Trouble comes a novel about boys, bands and best mates. Kaz is still reeling from being dumped by the love of her life… Ruby is bored of hearing about it. Time to change the record.

Three days. Two best mates. One music festival.

Zero chance of everything working out.

“Non Pratt is a writer to watch” – The Guardian. 

To be honest whatever this book was about I was going to be excited to read it because I love Non's writing style. I was lucky enough to hear Non do a reading from the book late last year at a blogger event and just like Trouble the voices were spot on. I cannot wait to meet Kaz and Ruby properly when I get to read this book. I was also very excited to hear what Remix was about at the event. If it is possible I now want to read it even more. I love YA stories that focus on platonic friendships because I think it is healthy for teens to see those sort of relationships in fiction rather than the almost unhealthy and constant focus on romantic ones. I am very much looking forward to reading a YA book that takes place at a music festival. I don't think I've read a music festival based book since Sarra Manning's Diary of a Crush series which I loved when I read it originally in serial form in J17 magazine back when I was a teen and therefore cannot wait to read Remix too.

The post has been sponsored by Tombola Times as part of a feature about top reads for 2015. Head over to Tombola times to have a little look at the entire list.