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Review: The Black Crown Conspiracy by Chris Edge

When Penny receives a story for the magazine about a strange and supernaturally-tinged crime, she’s instantly gripped. However, when the story is published, she’s shocked to discover that it describes a recent crime. More stories follow from the anonymous author containing further sinister crimes and hinting at more to come. With the police perplexed, and all of London living in fear, Penny faces a race against time to track the elusive author down. Can she find him and put a stop to his terrible crimes before his story reaches its chilling conclusion?

My thoughts

I am a huge fan of the Penelope Tredwell series. I love her as character and I love the stories with her involved as they are always action packed and exciting. This book was no exception.

The black crow conspiracy was Penny's most exciting adventure yet. I must admit for the outset the pace of the adventure is exciting. I loved the Victorian setting and getting back into Penny's wold. I loved the cameos from a variety of historical figures and for the most part the historical geek inside of me was terribly excited as I read this book. I've said before when reading this series that I love Penny and her feistiness to bits. She is a brilliant female role model and I want more characters like her to be written about.

The only reason I'm not giving this five stars is the fact that there was certain parts of the story and certain characters used in a way that annoyed the historian in me a little bit. Not enough to put in into a full refusal to read it rage (I've been there with other books) but enough to just niggle at me and I think that is mostly because I teach this stuff and am stupidly picky.

All in all however a series I love and would happily recommend for those who love historical adventures. 


Would this be more Middle Grade than YA?
I've just read the first book and can't wait to discover the other adventures of Miss Tredwell and Montgomery Flinch ! I thought there were just two books available so I'm delighted to read your review !