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Bookcase Showcase: Author Romily Bernard

I love book bloggers—not just because y’all will fangirl (or boy) with me over some author’s new release, but because you have the best insights and questions. Bookcase Showcase? My favorite blog topic yet. And it couldn’t be more topical too because I just. Got. Bookcases.
Oh, yes, it’s been almost seven years since Boy Genius and I moved into The House That’s Trying To Kill Us and I’ve been asking for bookshelves since…oh, probably the day before we moved in. In BG’s defense, we’ve had a bit going on. There was the electrical work that had to be done, the floors that had to be replaced, the rain that poured in through the side door…sigh. My point? He had a good excuse, but you’re not properly moved in until your books are arranged on their shelves.
Which brings me to book arrangement. Am I the only person who arranges books by Feels? For example, I put Dennis LeHane and Lisa Gardner together because they both scare the pants off me. Similarly, John Green and Jay Asher are grouped next to each other under Amazing and/or Writers Who Give Me Shamespirals. BG says this is nuts. I disagree. I can always find the books I’m looking for.
And if my filing system happens to thwart thieves that want to make off with my beloved Maggie Stiefvaters (because she’s not filed under S, she’s filed under Wow!) all the better, right?
As always, a huge thank you to Kirsty for hosting me at The Overflowing Library. I hope you enjoyed the post and I hope you enjoy FIND ME!


I love how full and colorful it is!
I love how full and colorful it is!