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2014 reading goals

Hello 2014

Today is the day when I set out my reading goals for this year. I'm not one for resolutions but I do like to be organised when it comes to my reading.

My goals for 2014 reading are
  • Read more adult books. I did a lot of this in 2013 and loved it.
  • Discover new authors who write fiction for adults. When it comes to YA I tend try debut authors quite happily but when it comes to adult books I am terrible at sticking with authors I know and love.
  • Read more books by British Authors for the British Books Challenge
  • Read books which I don't have to review. Another thing I started in 2013 and loved because that pressure wasn't there.
  • Give up on series which I rate 3 stars or less. This is mostly because I'll never be inclined to reread the earlier books and therefore will never have a clue what is going on when I come to sequels.
  • Don't force a review if I have nothing to say about a book (even if I enjoyed it on the whole). This is what goodreads star ratings are for.
  • Clear down my kindle
What goals do you have for reading in 2014?


Ooh! Great reading goals - I particularly like give up on a series rated 3 stars or less - may have to pinch it :)