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Review: Noble Conflict

Years after a violent war destroyed much of the world, Kaspar has grown up in a society based on peace and harmony. But beyond the city walls, a vicious band of rebels are plotting to tear this peace apart. It is up to the Guardians - an elite peacekeeping force - to protect the city, without ever resorting to the brutal methods of their enemy.

When Kaspar joins the Guardians, he has a chance encounter with a rebel - a beautiful girl named Rhea. Haunted from that moment on by strange visions and memories - memories that could only belong to Rhea - he realises he hasn't been told the truth about what the rebels really want, and what he's really fighting for.

My thoughts
I have a confession. I read this book. I enjoyed it and I thought I had reviewed it on goodreads as usual soon after I finished it. Turns out I didn't. Or I did and lost it. Either way I can round to scheduling this the day before it was supposed to go live and I have nothing to post. Therefore please bear in mind when you read this review that I read this book a good while ago and have read 20+ books since reading it so forgive me if it isn't as detailed as it could be.

It's no secret I love love love Malorie Blackman. I love her books and gobble them up exceptionally quickly and Noble conflict was no different in this regard. Noble conflict is gritty and fast paced throughout. What I particularly enjoyed about it was how it made me think. The ideas surrounding the morality of warfare really stuck with me and were played round my head for days after. I loved how the whole world view within the book is constantly spun around and you are regularly made to question the motives and thoughts of a character who appears on the surface to be very moral but is in truth far more questionable in their actions. I really enjoyed meeting all the characters in the book but the book geek inside of me particularly loved how many scenes were set in the library and revolved around a geeky library girl who was quite frankly kick-ass.

All in all I loved it and cannot wait for the next instalment.