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Never Evers Blog Tour: Tom and Lucy's Favourite characters from books, TV & film.


1. Agent Dale Cooper (Twin Peaks). An incredibly cool, funny, well-dressed and charming man. He remains largely unflustered even when faced with some of the strangest situations and people ever to feature on television, and he has a fantastic taste in coffee and cherry pie.

2. Slater (Dazed & Confused). If you've not seen Dazed & Confused, it's up there with Adrian Mole in terms of hilariously and realistically chronicling the teenage experience. Slater is by the far best character in the film: a good-hearted and perpetually confused stoner, who is unlucky in love and has lots of interesting theories about aliens and US Presidents.

3. Nigel Tufnel (This Is Spinal Tap). Another ultimately good-hearted, but also extremely dim, character. Tufnel is arguably the funniest character in this 1984 spoof documentary about a fictional heavy metal band (arguably the funniest film of all time). He's a fairly laidback chap, as long as you don't give him unmanageably small bread before a gig, or touch (or even look at) his guitars.


1. Mrs Bennett (Pride & Prejudice). Because everyone’s Mum is a little bit of the ol’ Mrs B…

2. Regina George (Mean Girls). She is just the ultimate bitch. Everything about her is hideous but you can’t help but be drawn to her. Everyone went to school with a version of her and that is why she is so perfect.

3. Jordan Catalano (My So-Called Life). He is EVERYTHING. Lisa Williamson has promised me that this year she is going to dress up as him for YALC (Lisa, if you are reading this I HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN). I will be Angela Chase and Tom will be Rayanne.

4. Ron Weasley (Harry Potter). My love of a funny man is well documented and as funny blokes go he is a corker.