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House of Windows by Alexia Casale

'The body is a house of many windows: there we all sit, showing ourselves and crying on the passers-by to come and love us.' Robert Louis Stevenson

Nick hates it when people call him a genius. Sure, he's going to Cambridge University aged 15, but he says that's just because he works hard. And, secretly, he only works hard to get some kind of attention from his workaholic father.

Not that his strategy is working.

When he arrives at Cambridge, he finds the work hard and socialising even harder. Until, that is, he starts to cox for the college rowing crew and all hell breaks loose...

My thoughts
I really enjoyed this book.

I really liked seeing how Nick dealt with going to Cambridge University at such a young age and seeing how he coped with the challenges that brought with it. It said a lot about whether children should be pushed to advance beyond their years when you saw the social isolation he felt because he was such an oddity amongst his peers and for that alone I really felt for him.

I loved how this book showcased Cambridge as a city and it has left me desperately wanting to go back and visit again as it has been far too long since I had the chance to wander around the city.

This book also had a lot to say about family which was really heartfelt and thoughtful

All in all definitely a book I would recommend although be warned it is rather a slow burner