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September review

This month has been a funny old month for me reading wise. Quite frankly being back at school has really taken its toll and I'm struggling to get time to read properly and less time to review so I am finding that I'm picking up a lot of non-review books because I don't need to think about them after they are done while my brain is too full of school stuff. Roll on half term and proper reading time.

Read in September

161) Play by Kylie Scott
162) The Mark of Cain by Lindsay Barraclough (British Books Challenge)
163) The Italian Girl by Lucinda Riley (British Books Challenge)
164) The World Beneath by Janice Warman (British Books Challenge)
165) Buffy: The Making of a Slayer by Nancy Holder
166) Sally Heathcote Suffragette by B Talbot (British Books Challenge)
167) The Third Wife by Lisa Jewell (British Books Challenge)
168) The art of being normal by Lisa Williamson (British Books Challenge)
169) The Plain Truth by Jodi Picoult
170) Famous in love by Rebecca Serle
171) The Midnight Rose by Lucinda Riley (British Books Challenge)
172) Pea's book of big dreams by Susie Day (British Books Challenge)

Book of the month
Has to be the very wonderful The art of being normal by Lisa Williamson which I got a very early proof of (David Ficking do very very special prrofs FYI). It is amazing. You all need to read it ... scrap that everyone needs to read it. It was an utterly perfect read for me and I can't wait for it to be published so I can buy multiple copies and give them to everyone.

Book events attended in September
Sadly none.I do have some exciting ones lined up for next month though


And you still have read way more than I have! :)