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Review: Cakes in Space by Philip Reeve and Sarah McIntyre

Astra's family are all snoring in their sleeping pods, but Astra is WIDE AWAKE. With her friend, Pilbeam, she goes off exploring and soon finds out the ship is in deep trouble. It's been knocked off course and invaded by a gang of Poglites, an alien salvage crew searching for spoonage.

But even the Poglites need Astra's help when they discover something far more sinister lurking in the canteen. Sure, they're cakes; but no one would describe them as sweet.

My thoughts
This book is a lot younger than I normally read so wasn't expecting much. I was so naive in that mindset because I truly thought it was such a brilliant read.

The story itself is silly and utterly bonkers along with being loads of fun. It made me laugh all the way through and I quite literally couldn't put it down. However what I loved the most about it was the story mixed with the pictures. Granted I only read a proof so all the art work wasn't quite complete but it was already awesome and when finished will make for a stunning book. I will be buying several copies for every little person I know

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