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Review: Water born by Rachel Ward

Nicola's dad has been terrified around water for as long as she can remember, and will never come to watch her swim. But then Nicola starts to hear a voice in the pool which changes everything. When girls start drowning, who's to blame? What secrets lurk beneath the surface?

My thoughts
I really enjoyed this book. The story is super creepy and makes you think long after you've finished it. The book revolves around the main character Nicola a swimmer whose father is terrified of water but she isn't sure why. As the story continues you start to get to the bottom of why he is so terrified and start to be scared yourself alongside him and make you never want to swim in open water ever again  I loved that while it is a sequel it is a nice stand alone book in itself because I read too much and can never remember book one when I get round to reading the sequel. All in all a fabulous and creepy read which I really enjoyed.


I'm hearing a lot of good things about this one - really should try and read the first one too! Great review :)