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Review: Maybe One Day by Melissa Kantor

Zoe and Olivia have always been best friends. And becoming professional ballerinas has always been their goal. But when they turn sixteen the unthinkable happens as Olivia is diagnosed with leukaemia. Falling in love, coping with school and falling out with each other - everything is thrown into a whole new light. A heartbreakingly bittersweet tragedy that reveals profound truths about loss, love and the friends who mean the world to you

My thoughts
Maybe one day is the story of Zoe and her best friend Olivia and their friendship as Olivia battles leukaemia.

If I'm honest I'm not sure I liked this book for a variety of reasons.

Firstly there was a huge amount of focus on the fact the pair had quit dancing after being rejected by a dance school in New York. I'm not sure it added to the story and for me it was the reason why the book felt overly long.

Secondly I felt it was trying so hard to make me feel for the main character that I really didn't care in the end. I found her too whiny and a bit selfish especially considering she wasn't the one who was ill. I was also hated now much she swore throughout the book. Yes I get she was in a bad place but it felt like every single thing she didn't like called for the use if the F word.

Finally the only bit I really wanted to know more about was barely touched upon. I thought the relationship that starts to develop between Zoe and Calvin had the potential to be as hot as hell, in addition to be being gorgeously sweet and yet nothing really happened. I wanted more!

All in all not really the book for me