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Review: Weirdos vs Bumskulls

Funnier, weirder, ruder - Blossom is back. After performing the brilliant and unlikely feat of getting sexy rock god Josh Raven to perform at the school disco, Blossom Uxley-Michaels has decided that being a Weirdo is actually kind of awesome. Things get more exciting when Blossom's band, Camel Toe, enter the Battle of the Bands.

But Camel Toe find they have competition from an unlikely source. Then Blossom meets Vince, sexy mancake and lead singer of rival band Bumskulls. And supposedly loved-up Petrina has been spotted dribbling at the bass player... Amidst a churning whirlpool of love, war and music, can the Weirdos keep their quest for musical domination on track or will it all go norks up?

My Thoughts
Weirdos and Bumskulls has been on my wishlist since I finished the first book in the series and as soon as I was offered it for review I read it as quickly as possible. This is saying something because I am rubbish at reading past the first book in a series of late. I am so pleased to report that Weirdos vs Bumskulls was just as good, if not better than, Weirdos vs Quimboids and I cannot wait for its publication so I can recommend far and wide.

The are several things I loved about this book. Firstly it is so so so funny. The situations Blossom finds herself in time after time are just hysterical from her attempts to date a variety of gorgeous mancakes to the ways in which she has to deal with her nudist, free spirited parents and their embarrassingly open approach to their sex life. I spent much if my time reading this book either cringing along with Blossom or laughing at the various situations she has found herself in. I adore Blossom as a character. I love that she is just a normal teenage girl. She is one of the weirdos that I would have been friends with at school. I love that she isn't one of those bitchy girls at the top of the social pecking order and I love that she has a real warmth to her as seen in her actions and the way she treats those around her.

All in all a fantastically funny laugh out loud read which you will not be able to put down. If you love Georgia Nicholson (or similar titles) you'll adore Blossom and this wonderful series of books.