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I have a confession: I need help to defeat The TBR pile of DOOM!

I have a confession ....

My TBR pile isn't as small as I always say it is. Until this post I have been hiding a secret problem which I would like to share with you all in the hope of solving my problem.

My problem looks like this

Anyone who knows me knows books don't stay on my TBR pile for long. Those that hang around too long tend to be rehomed and I am very good at giving up books. This bookcase however is almost full of titles that I can't seem to get rid of or get round to reading and it's bugging me.

At least half of them are signed. Most of them are books I bought myself because I wanted to read them. There are several on there which are later books in a series that I was desperate to continue with when I finished book one but I just can't remember book one enough to care now. There's also that whole bottom shelf of adult titles I bought impulsively when I was having one of my "I want to read books for grown ups weeks". Those fads never last long. Many of them I have started got a few chapters in and never got round to finishing and some of them have been there for years. There are books I've heard nothing but rave reviews for but for some reason I can never bring myself to pick something off that shelf to read.

This needs to stop. If nothing else I want the shelf space back in my rapidly expanding library. My new goal in my reading life is to clear it by the end of the summer holidays.

Here's where you come in.
Firstly can you inspire me? Which one should I read next? Which ones did you love?
Secondly are there any stinkers on there I just need to get rid of to avoid wasting my time?
Thirdly if anyone can point me toward spoiler filled reviews of first books in the series of those titles on my shelves which are book two or more I would be eternally grateful


Have you tried They give really detailed reviews of books in series'. I use them to catch up on them before I read later books.
Suus said…
I would be very uncomfortable when I don't have a large to read pile. I've sorted all my books into individual titles, series that are still continuing which I'm going to finish when the last book is out (that will clear some of your list if you just keep them until you can read all books at once) and complete series. It's very smart to ask someone else to pick the titles for you. Or to keep your eyes closed and just grab one. Maybe you could just enjoy them and not let yourself get stressed because there will come a time when you don't have so many books to read and then you'll be glad to have them? Good luck with it, I know how awful it feels to be stressed because of what you love best.
I have 3 recommendations of books on your tbr that you should read - Shadow And Bone, Tribute and Switched :)
Ok first of all I have a HUMONGOUS TBR pile so I can relate.

To motivate yourself you can join this challenge that Fiktshun is holding. It's called review pile reading challenge. This is a good one that I know of .

DUMP Evermore (DNF),Switched (put at back of pile)

READ Unravel Me

BTW: Shatter Me(the first book ) is pretty useless if you want spoilers for it I can give you some just tweet me @kadburytweets.
Unknown said…
I can help with a couple. My sister read The Scorpio races and then told me never to read it because she thought it was that bad. Wither was awesome, Fever not so much but I have high hopes for Sever, so keep trying!
CarlyB said…
I really loved There Is No Dog!x
Jim said…
I'd fast track Bone Dragon, Year of the Rat, and the Leigh Bardugos - all excellent.
prophecygirl said…
Haze is amazing!