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Review: Linked by Imogen Howson

For years, Elissa has suffered nightmarish visions and unexplained bruises. Finally, she's promised a cure, and an operation is scheduled. But on the eve of the procedure, Elissa discovers the truth: she's seeing the world through another girl's eyes. A world filled with wires, machines and pain. Elissa follows her visions, only to find a battered, broken girl. A girl who looks exactly like her. A twin she never knew existed. Elissa and her twin Lin go on the run, but even after changing their looks and clothes, they're barely a step ahead of the government agents who are ruthlessly tracking them down. For Lin and Elissa are too valuable to let go, and the dark truth at the heart of it all is too shocking to risk exposing..

My thoughts
Linked was an interesting read for me. I received it for review months ago and somehow never managed to get around to it until now.

Linked has bold ideas. The world it is set in is near future where a strict government imposes strict rules on a world where resources are precious and limited. As with most dystopian novels everything isn't quite as nice as it seems on the surface and once you start to dig a bit deeper you start to see the extent of the seedy underbelly of the society.

Whilst I loved the world setting and the ideas behind the world for me this book didn't quite do it. I never quite managed to click with the main characters and actually found the whole thing a bit too long winded and boring in places to keep me from lapsing into skim reading, never a good sign I'm afraid. That said I would be intrigued to see where the story as a whole is going and wouldn't rule out the possibility of reading the next book in the series if it ended up in my hands.


What a shame that this book was slightly disappointing for you. I bought myself the ebook but haven't quite gotten around to reading it yet.