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Review: Everyone a Stranger by Victor Watson

I thoroughly enjoyed everyone a stranger and it was the perfect book to finish a series I have adored from start to finish.

Everyone a stranger is set at the end of the Second World War and finishes off Molly, Adam and Abigail's story. I loved several things about it. I loved how the book really got across this sense of people looking forward to a brave new world. The way it discusses the way in which people were keen to vote for labour and tackle the five giants as set out by William Beveridge's report is brilliant. You really get the idea that people, having given up everything for the war effort, were now wanting better for the country and themselves in the future and were keen to vote for it even if that meant ousting the Great War leader Churchill to do so.

This book was more grown up and darker in its feel than previous books and you really get the sense that these characters whom you've followed over the previous books have grown up and are about to become adults. The way in which they perceive their future and start making plans for who they want to be is really fascinating to see.

This book had a nice touch in that it has small parts set in the future and enables you to look back and see how things turned out for the characters. I like it as a touch especially as it wasn't done in a cheesy way.

All in all a fantastic series which I would thoroughly recommend for anyone who loves stories set in the Second World War. Unlike other series set in this time period I love how they are a bit tamer meaning they are perfect for younger teens but at the same time they aren't trivial and give the reader lots to think about and reflect on. Perfect for your budding historians