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Review: Shipwrecked by Siobhan Curham

This is the first book in a major new series. "Lost" meets "Gossip Girl". I jump at the sound of a whispered voice over my shoulder. But when I turn round all I see is sand, and the towering, green wall of the rainforest. I guess it must have been the breeze, but I can't help shivering. I have the weirdest feeling that we're being watched. Grace Delaney and her fellow dance students are en route to perform on a South Pacific cruise-ship when a freak storm hits and they find themselves stranded on a deserted island. With the tropical heat rising, passions and tensions swell to breaking point. And the island itself is quietly steaming with a terrible secret...

My Thoughts
The press release for this is bang on when it describes this book as gossip girl meets lost. A group of teen dancers are shipwrecked onto a tropical and oh so slightly sinister island and the story follows them as they adjust to their new settings.

The story is told from the point of view from Grace. Grace and her friends are hilarious to follow as they find themselves shipwrecked. The group immediately splits into cliques, the bitchy rich ones in one corner, the nice but poor scholarship students in the other with grace stuck in the middle. Just being on the island heightens those differences rather than seeking to bring them together and seeing their differing reactions is brilliant and pure comedy gold.

I liked seeing how grace grew as a character as the book went on and couldn't help but swoon with her over the very hot Spanish boy who is shipwrecked with them.

Not only are the teenagers shipwrecked they are shipwrecked on a very creepy island. It become apparent very quickly that not everything is as it seems. There are so many spooky things going on and it takes a while for you to get your head round which of the things are real, which are imagined and which a caused something else. I loved finding out more about this spooky element and have many many more questions that I am hoping are answered in book two.

A fab read and something really different and unexpected from an author I thought I knew.


This is so different to Siobhan's previoius books that I'm glad she pulled it off.
Anya said…
So looking forward to this, sounds amazing! Glad you liked it :)
Unknown said…
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his reality is far more interesting than the usual. How could a sign be against such imagination?

A unique and interesting piece!

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