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Review: Gloss by Marilyn Kaye

New York, 1963.
Fashion, music and attitudes are changing, and there's nowhere in in the world more exciting. Sherry, Donna, Allison and Pamela have each landed a dream internship at Gloss; America's number-one fashion magazine.

Each girl is trying to make her mark on New York and each finds herself thrown head-first into the buzzing world of celebrity, high-end fashion and gossip. But everything isn't as glamorous as it seems - secrets from the past threaten to shatter their dreams.

They're finding out that romance in New York is as unpredictable and thrilling as the city itself.

My Thoughts
I really enjoyed gloss for a variety of reasons.

I loved the time period it was set in and I did find myself absolutely as instead by the mindset of the girls in the book based on the world they had been brought up in. It was really telling when they were really worried about how they might be seen especially by men if they were out in the world earning a living for themselves and their world outlook for their future was really indicative of the values of the time that they had grown up with. For me the social history that came with this book really made it for me.

I really liked how the book flitted between the stories of the four different girls who were all quite different. It made things interesting to see their different stories and added more to the story as a whole than had you stuck with one. That said I did think a times things were a little bit rushed and I would have liked a bit more on each of them in more depth as there was so much more story to tell.

I loved how the book loved at the world of fashion which from the outside you'd presume would be all glitzy and glamorous but actually isn't. It's really interesting to see the ways in which they girls respond to the more mundane existence of being an intern stuck doing the jobs no one else wants to do all day without actually being paid for it.

All in all a nice summery read set in a really interesting historical setting. Definitely worth a look.


Anya said…
I like the look of this, like you, for two reasons: the setting and the time period.
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