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Freshers by Tom Ellen and Lucy Ivison

Another laugh-out-loud dual narrative, Freshers is a YA novel following two protagonists through that tumultuous first year of university. Starring new characters – but featuring some familiar faces from Lobsters – Freshers is a contemporary, authentic story packed full of love, sex and friendship.
I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It's genuinely hilarious and really captures the feeling of those first few months of university and the chaotic nature of life and all the changes going to university brings, fending for yourself, living in close quarters with a variety of characters and the development of intense friendships within a matter of days.

As well as being funny the book as a serious element which is handled in a very thoughtful way with a focus on a group of male students treating a selection of female students in an incredibly sexist and shameful way. Seeing the students tackle it in a proactive way without letting it go was good to see.

I enjoyed seeing the relationship between Luke and Phoebe develop over the course of the book along with seeing the friendships that develop with the whole host of secondary characters. I'd gladly read a whole host of sequels or companions featuring more stories of the characters in the book.