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After the Fire by Will Hill

Deep in the Texas desert, Moonbeam lives with her Brothers and Sisters. They're safe, protected by the Fence and Father John. Because Father John knows what's right and what's wrong. But then Nate arrives from Outside, stirring doubt...and suddenly Moonbeam's world is on fire. But what happens after? What happens when you lose everything you've ever known?

Powerful, gripping, and beautifully told, bestselling author Will Hill's After the Fire is a novel about love, hope, loss and, ultimately, courage

Super intense and really chilling YA. I was hooked from the first page and didn't want to put it down until I was done.

I've come to expect a lot from Will Hill's writing after loving his Department 19 series despite not particularly being a fan of vampire stories or gore he had had me hooked. This book is completely different content wise but hooked me in much the same way with the intense writing style and an intriguing storyline. 

Moonbeam's story is a fascinating one. We meet her as the police raid the cult she has been brought up on after a fire rips through the complex. I found myself utterly fascinated as Moonbeam's story starts to come out as she is interviewed by FBI and psychologists trying to understand more about life inside the cult so they can pin charges on the leaders of the cult. What particularly fascinated me was that the idea from the book was inspired by real events.

All in all an awesome and utterly fascinating read which I thoroughly enjoyed.


Cass said…
OMG another book set in a cult?! I actually haven't seen this one. Welp. Another one added to the TBR! Thanks for the review. It sounds really intense!

Cass @ Words on Paper