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We found a hat by Jon Klassen

We found a hat by Jon Klassen (Hat Trilogy #3) 

Goodreads Synopsis
Two turtles find one hat – and it happens to look great on both of them.

My thoughts
I love this series. Book one and two are my go to buys when I need to buy a present book for yet another friend who has produced another small child because they are very easily enjoyed by both small child and by the adult forced to read said book in a near comatose state because of the sheer tiredness associated with being a new parent regardless of whether said parent is an enthusiastic reader or not. I loved this latest addition. The story is subtle and clever with a lot of the darker parts clear to the adult reading and not so obvious to the child. I love how subtle changes in the pictures, particularly the eyes, really change the tone of the scene. This particular installment did not go how I expected it to go at all and I really loved it. I'll be buying lots of copies this Christmas for all the small children on my christmas list.