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Kid Got Shot by Simon Mason (The Garvie Smith Mysteries #2)

Kid Got Shot by Simon Mason (The Garvie Smith Mysteries #2)

Goodreads synopsis
Meet Garvie Smith. Reprobate, genius, waster, and sometime detective. Right in the middle of revision hell - until now. A boy from Marsh Academy has been shot, with no clear motive and no clues. Disgraced DI Singh is on the case, and he's determined to keep Garvie away. But Garvie knows he's the only one who has any idea where to look for the answers. Starting with his best friend's girlfriend. And it's going to take more than pointless revision or flunking his exams to stop him getting involved. Exams. What exams?

I really like the Garvie Smith Mysteries series. Garvie Smith is clever and incredibly bright as well as being a huge pain in the bum. If I taught him he'd be one of those kids that drove me completely around the bend. I really enjoyed this latest instalment in the series because it was thoughtful and kept me guessing throughout. A teen Sherlock Holmes for a modern generation.


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