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Eliza Rose by Lucy Worsley

The captivating debut children's novel from popular television historian Lucy Worsley is an exciting and charming glimpse behind the scenes of the Tudor court.

I would often wonder about my future husband. A knight? A duke? A stable boy?
Of course the last was just a wicked fancy.

Eliza Rose Camperdowne is young and headstrong, but she knows her duty well. As the only daughter of a noble family, she must one day marry a man who is very grand and very rich.

But Fate has other plans. When Eliza becomes a maid of honour, she's drawn into the thrilling, treacherous court of Henry the Eighth . . .

Is her glamorous cousin Katherine Howard a friend or a rival?

And can a girl choose her own destiny in a world ruled by men?

My Thoughts
I really enjoyed this book.

I loved how well it did the history and how it makes it a read I can give to my students without being worried they'll come away with loads of ridiculous misconceptions about the time period.

I really enjoyed the take the story had on a young Katherine Howard and her motivations that led her to become the person we remember from History. Much like Harriet Castor's VIII I love that this book makes her real.

I also really enjoyed the story. It was fast paced and interesting all the way through and covered the history in an entertaining way rather than becoming bogged down in dry detail.

I, for one, am very much hoping this is the first of many fiction books by Lucy Worsley