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Star Struck by Jenny McLachlan

Following on from Flirty Dancing, Love Bomb and Sunkissed, Jenny McLachlan's next book is perfect for fans of Geek Girl and Louise Rennison.

In a huge fantastic final hurrah to our lovable heroines - Bea, Betty, Kat and Pearl - Jenny McLachlan's latest book tells Pearl's story. Pearl is the 'bad girl' of the group - she drinks, she smokes, she swears - and she's mean to Bea and Betty. But she did fly halfway round the world to rescue Kat in Sunkissed. If there's one thing Pearl knows deep down, it is how to be a friend. And now, more than ever, she could really use a friend

There will be laughter, there will be tears and there will definitely be kissing. Most importantly, Pearl will be keeping it fierce

Oh this book. I can't say I was all that fussed initially when I found out about it. I've never been a Pearl fan and now I've finished it I can honestly say it was my favourite book of the series so far.

Pearl is one of those girls we all know, I'm pretty certain I went to school with a couple and I can definitely think of a couple I've taught over the years. Pearl is the bad girl. She's tough because she has to be and it means she's really misunderstood. The more I learned about Pearl over thee course of the book the more I wanted to go into her life and take her away from all the rubbish she was dealing with and look after her. I think the thing this book did for me, more than anything else, is help me to understand Pearl and why she was the way she was and I'm so glad I had the chance to see that for myself.

The story over the course of the book is really interesting. In addition to seeing our favourite ladybirds again and getting more about Pearl and her background I really enjoyed how it focusing on the developing relationship between Pearl and the new girl Hoshi. I won't say too much but Hoshi's story is a really interesting one and I learning more about her fascinated me.

All in all my favourite book of the series and definitely worth a read.