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Wild Lily by KM Peyton

It's the 1920s - cars and aeroplanes are new. Lily Gabriel is 13 years old - she's scruffy and confident and takes no nonsense from anyone. Antony is 17 - he's rich, spoiled and arrogant and Lily is completely and utterly - no nonsense! - in love with him. So join Lily as she falls...Falls in love...Falls out of the sky...Falls through time...And effortlessly, inescapably, falls into her future. Life is never what you expect or what you predict. But if you're lucky, you hold onto exactly what you need - a young and wild heart.

My thoughts
I am shamefully late to the KM Peyton party but Wild Lily has left me with no doubt that she's an author I need to read more of.

I loved Wild Lily. I loved the history and found every part of the story fascinating in that regard as the story compares and contrasts the difference life experiences of Lily and Anthony the former leading a poor life of hard work and the latter a rich life of privilege. I adored Lily as a character and her story was really exciting. I loved seeing her wanting to be tough and as a result scaring the hell out of herself by doing a parachute jump to impress others.

All in all a book I thoroughly enjoyed and a perfect example of brilliant YA historical fiction.