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When I was me by Hilary Freeman

One girl, two lives. Which is real?

When Ella wakes up one Monday morning, she discovers that she is not herself and that her life is not her own. She looks different, her friends are no longer her friends and her existence has been erased from the internet. Even worse, years of her history appear to have been rewritten overnight. And yet, nobody else thinks that anything weird has happened.

A tense and dark psychological thriller full of unexpected twists and turns about the random events and decisions that make us who we are. If you can't trust your own memories, then who can you trust?

My thoughts 
I really enjoyed this book. I wasn't really sure what to and I've been in a weird reading mood of late DNFing books left, right and centre but this managed to keep me hooked right the way through.

When I was me is the sorry of Ella who wakes up to find everything in her world is similar to before but slightly different. She spend the book trying to get her head around what is going on and the ideas behind why things have changed are really thoughtful. I really made me think about the different choices a person makes in their life and the impact those choices have on the direction their life goes.

All in all a book I enjoyed and would happily recommend.