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UKYA Book Blogger Love

I have been blogging for a good long while. Over the past years the UK blogging scene has grown and grown and become massive. As far as I'm concerned that can never be a bad thing because it means more and more people are talking about books. Yay for books.

I love the UKYA book bloggers in particular. It's nice to go to events and see the same people and I love that I now have a fabulous group of friends who I can chat with endlessly about books with either in person at said events or online. For me my lovely blogging friends like Sarah, Lyndsey, Carly, Michelle, Sammee Laura, Sophie, Raimy, Viv, Darren, Jesse, Andrew along with many many others make this crazy thing I do worthwhile on days when I feel overwhelmed with it all and if I had to give up blogging tomorrow I'd be OK with it as long as I kept them (don't worry I'm not going anywhere).

I still get so excited to see my reviews in print in bookshops. Indeed a favourite past time of mine is the "hunt the quote" game where I spend time in local bookshops looking for titles I am quoted in. Equally just as excited to see people I know quoted.

I get so incredibly excited to see people I've met through blogging get book deals. Liz, Non and Nicole are the ones who spring to mind (although I'll publish and think of others) and I am also so so excited for them and can't wait to share the love for their titles far and wide.

I love working with publicists and authors about their various titles and I get so so excited to be able to read a book months before it has come out. Signed books still make me squeal with delight. Seriously you want to impress me? Just send me a signed book (as a side note special mention has to go here to David Fickling Books and their extra extra special proofs ... you know how to make a girl feel loved!).

So last week at school I was having my usual busy day of doing stuff constantly and in the 5 minutes I got to myself at lunch my phone buzzed with a tweet to tell me I had made the longlist of the new UKYA blogger awards . I literally had no idea what to do with myself at this point. Not many people in my real life get blogging or my bookish ways and I ended up just hopping around like a crazy thing in my stock cupboard for a bit. I honestly never thought that I would ever end up on a lost like this and I am so honoured that people within the publishing world think highly enough of my crazed rambling to notice my blog let alone put me forward for something like this. I was equally so so so excited to see so many of my bookish friends on the list too because they are all just fabulous. I'm not really sure what the process is with the next stage. If I reach the shortlist I am probably going to end up back in that stock cupboard sobbing to myself a little bit. I'm not even going to consider beyond that yet because I can't even visualise it in my brain at the moment.

As well as the UKYA Blogger awards Faye from Bookish Brits is hosting her own awards for book bloggers here which you can vote on now.

My lovely friend Laura has written a post here about UKYA love (henceforth inspiring this little ramble) as has my equally lovely friend Carly here. Go Check them both out.


Awww, this is such a lovely post - I love this community so much and it's so fab to see all this love for it at the moment :)