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I was here by Gayle Forman

From the bestselling author of If I Stay - this summer's YA blockbuster film.

This characteristically powerful novel follows eighteen-year-old Cody Reynolds in the months following her best friend's shocking suicide.

As Cody numbly searches for answers as to why Meg took her own life, she begins a journey of self-discovery which takes her to a terrifying precipice, and forces her to question not only her relationship with the Meg she thought she knew, but her own understanding of life, love, death and forgiveness.

A phenomenally moving story, I Was Here explores the sadly all-too-familar issue of suicide and self-harm, addressing it in an authentic way with sensitivity and honesty.

Why didn't this book do it for me

Another book that didn't quite meet all the hype for me after being incredibly excited about it before I received it. I've loved Gayle's previous books and been left an emotional mess by the end of them. However for some reason this book just didn't do that for me this time like it was supposed it. It's set up like that with the subject matter revolving around teen suicide but looking back now I half feel the book was trying to manipulate that response from me and it left me wanting to not connect with it at all. I do find I don't ever have a huge lot of sympathy for teen suicide novels possibly because of the field I work in and possibly because I don't ever feel they are done all that welll whoever the author is. Whatever it is I've found I just don't like books that revolve around the aftermath of the death of someone close to the main character on the whole.