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Review: Bombmaker by Claire McFall

The English government have closed the borders with their Celtic neighbours. Any Celt found in England is branded with a tattoo, found twice they are executed. Scottish Lizzie is the 'property' of psychopathic London gang boss Alexander. Can Lizzie escape Alexander's deadly grip and at what price her betrayal?

My Thoughts
I wasn't sure when I first heard of this book but actually I really enjoyed it. Very gritty and very much a page turner.  

It is very much an older YA. The scenes with Lizzie and Alexander are uncomfortable where you see the way in which she is treated as he property used when he decides to and discarded when something better comes along. All the way through you get a real sense of dread for Lizzie and the way her life is whilst she is associated with Alexander and his gang.

The story says a lot about where our world could be heading if the economy continues to be poor and a lot about national identity and the way in which our society deals with foreigners who legitimately need help.

All in all a book I thoroughly enjoyed as it made me think. 


I've heard such good things about this book and the author. Really must pick up a book by her sometime!
I've heard of this one before but I can't place where. I'm really intrigued by the idea though!