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Review: Hi so much by Laura Dockrill

Ten-year-old Darcy sees the extraordinary in the everyday and the wonder in the world around her. This second book sees Darcy move-up to Big School - and all of a sudden EVERYTHING changes. Her best friend Will isn't sure he should talk to girls anymore, her new teacher may in actual fact be a cauldron-bubbling witch and, horror of horrors, her precious pet Lamb-Beth goes missing. Can Darcy face these challenges head-on, armed only with her curious, whip-smart mind and eye for a story?

Joyous drawings, colourful characters and a high-energy voice - the Darcy Burdock books are packed with personality from start to finish.

My thoughts
Hi so much is a fab little read. Perfect for 9 - 12 year olds. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

After loving Darcy burdock last year I was a bit worried about this book mostly because I've been struggling with second books series this last year or so as I've found they've never quite lived up to book one. I am so pleased to say I didn't have that problem at all with Hi So Much and it is just as good, if not better than book one.

This instalment of Darcy burdock follows Darcy as she makes the transition to high school, a daunting prospect for all eleven year olds I'm sure. I loved how this book dealt with all the worries Darcy was feeling at this point in her life and actually I'd recommend it to parents to give their kids who are worried about moving up to high school for that alone.

What I loved about this book though was the brilliant mix of funny and poignant that Laura Dockrill does so well. Darcy is a brilliant character and you really get under her skin as she wears her heart on her sleeve and treats her reader as her personal best friend. I love this as you connect with her so well as a character. I love her imagination and quirkiness and you can't read this book and not fall a little bit in love with her. Be warned though, while on the whole this book is laugh out loud funny you'd have to have a heart of stone not to be touched by Darcy's poem about her beloved lamb Beth which had me in pieces.

All in all another brilliant read from Laura Dockrill. I cannot wait to read book three and am so excited to see her promoting this book at an event I have booked later this year.


I'm reading this at the moment - and so far I completely agree! Great review :D