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History Books I Rate: Victorian

Some of you might know I teach History at High School. I love finding good YA historical fiction which I can use in the classroom if only to recommend to my students as wider reading.

I do however find that I can be very critical of historical fiction and I do find myself having to give up on books others have raved about because I can't get over historical inaccuracies or stories where events are treated lightly.

This month I have a selection of books set in and around the Victorian period (some do slip into Edwardian too)

The Quietness by Alison Rattle

This book utterly fascinated me as a historian. It looks at Victorian baby farms and I was hooked right from the first page. As well as a fascinating story line the main characters were awesome and the ending is truly brilliant. I loved it.

Ruby in the Smoke by Philip Pullman

I adore this series and possibly like it more than his Dark Material series. Sally Lockhart is an awesomely brilliantl female lead and I loved her courage and they way she deal with the situations she is forced into. I loved the world building and could happily reread this series over and over again

Fallen Grace by Mary Hooper

Another book featuring baby farms but also looking at the stigma surrounding unmarried mothers. I loved the side notes and was utterly hooked when reading this one. Felt very Pullman actually.

Twelve Minutes to Midnight by Chris Edge

This reminds me of a younger Ruby in the Smoke. There's a supernatural hint to the story which makes it appealing to a younger audience. I love Penny Treadwell. I want her and Sally Lockhart to team up!


I'd have to throw in Masque of the Red Death by Bethany Griffin as well. Gorgeous, gorgeous novel and a fantastic take on the period.
Cicely said…
Ooh, have you read Y S Lee's The Agency series? Great Victorian murder mysteries. They're so much fun. :)
Hmm. I really loved Ruby in the Smoke. And The Quietness sounds interesting. Every time you post your historical fiction recommendation I feel compelled to read more history books...