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2013 review

2013 has been a really busy year for me. I've been working on getting myself back up to full fitness after last year's leg break and work has been insanely busy. That said I still have managed to read loads (227 at time of writing this although I'm sure it'll go up over the last 8 days of the month) and get down to London for some events

This year I have taken my foot off the pedal a bit. I've been reading lots which I haven't bothered to review including some adult books and I must admit it has been nice. Scheduling ahead has worked brilliantly for me and my TBR pile has been all but annihilated meaning I've been able to read well ahead and do some work around 2014 releases both for Bookish Brits and for We Love This Book.

Thanks for all my lovely blogging friends including Sarah, Lyndsey, Carly, Raimy, Laura, Darren Andrew, Jesse, Sammee and Sophie. I'm glad we are all going strong blogwise and I don't know how I managed to keep sane without you guys about to fuss and coo over books all the time.

Thanks to all the Bookish Brits girlies and the opportunity you gave me to try out a new bookish adventure with Bookish Brits. I am amazed and so pleased at now much of a positive start with have made with the channel and am looking forward to more adventures.

Thanks to all my wonderful publishing contacts who keep me stocked up with reading material and want me to read and review their books. I never cease to be blown over my the opportunities you offer me.

Here's to an awesome 2014 reading year


I'm still secretly jealous of your reading speed!

It sounds like it's been an adventure of a year and I'm loving Bookish Brits so far.

Here's to 2014 being even better :)