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Review: Weirdos Vs. Quimboids

I think Georgia Nicholson has met her match and her name is Blossom Uxley-Michaels!

I wanted to read Weirdos Vs Quimboids from the first time I heard about it. As soon as I read the press release that came with it I was sold. Quite honestly this book is absolutely hilarious and kept me happily amused giggling like a loon for an entire afternoon while I raced through it in one greedy sitting as I found myself incapable of putting it down.

Blossom is a 15 year old weirdo. She sits on the very outside of the social circle at her school alongside her two best friends Petrina and Walter. As a result she spends her teenage days not being invited to parties, lusting over the hottest boy in school from afar and putting her with her completely mad hippie parents. However this is all about to change as Blossom is determined that things will be different this year starting by working on the school radio.

For me what made this book brilliant was Blossom's outlook on life. She has that fantastic combination of being a weird and awkward teenager along with the drive to want to change and become cool. However the way she goes about trying to achieve that state of coolness is done in a hilariously funny and very uncool way. What's more is the way she is written makes her so relatable to the point where I can see shades of my teenage self in her that I want to cringe along with her while she's off on her latest madcap adventure. I absolutely adored her embarrassment scale and seeing the whole variety of things that she encounters that she finds utterly mortifying on a daily basis. What I also loved about this book was the way in which the whole cast of secondary characters was quite diverse but they weren't included as a token gimmick but just there in a very normal way as they should and would be in a normal high school. It was a really nice comment on how tolerant and accepting I believe teenagers today are on the whole and I'm so glad that this is being reflected in YA books.

A brilliant read which make you laugh like a loon and keep you completely engrossed from the first page to the last.

You'll love this if you loved
The Georgia Nicholson series by Louise Rennison


I don't think I can resist this one - the cover alone has sold it to me and your review has just confirmed it! :D
Anya said…
Wow, yeah definitely sounds like Georgia Nicholson! Great review, sounds like a nice funny read, which you can never have too many of!