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Blog Tour: The Legacy of Halesham Hall by Jenni Keer


Solve the house's puzzle. Claim the Bellingham inheritance . . . Uncover the truth behind the mysterious legacy of Halesham Hall in this page-turning dual-time novel from the author The Secrets of Hawthorn Place, perfect for fans of Lucinda Riley and Kate Morton.

A love that seems lost, may still yet be found, for real love always endures.

1890. One summer evening changes everything for Sidney and Leonard Bellingham when their beloved mother disappears from the family home, Halesham Hall. Left with their bitter father, they are taught to trust no one but themselves, with brother pitted against brother to see who is worthy of inheriting the Bellingham Board Games company. But the series of twisted games they are forced to play will have far reaching consequences.

1920. Phoebe Bellingham arrives at Halesham Hall determined to solve the puzzles that will allow her to claim back the Bellingham inheritance. But this legacy involves more than one secret, and soon Phoebe realises that the stakes are higher than she ever could have imagined.

I always thoroughly enjoy Jenni's books so was so very excited when a review copy of this book dropped onto my kindle as I knew I was in for a treat and my expectations were more than adequately met.

I loved that this book flitted back and forth between two time periods over the course of the book as secrets were unveiled and revealed. It kept me guessing throughout and I found myself not wanting to put it down as I needed to know what would happen next. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the characterisation in this book and the contrasts in people met. They really felt real with me either wanting to get behind them and feel for them like I did with Phoebe and the Bellingham boys or really just hate them as I with the Bellingham's father when you started to see just how petty and awful he was. 

The house itself needs as mention as almost a character in its own right. It is just an unusual and quirky building which and you could feel the unease under which those in the house lived under.

I won't say too much about how the story unfolds as I wouldn't do it justice and wouldn't want to spoil the surprises but needless to say if you are reading this you need to make sure you clear some time as you won't want to stop until you've finished it all.


Jenni Keer said…
What an absolutely fantastic review! Thank you so much, Kirsty, for taking the time to read and to write these lovely words. I'm so glad you enjoyed it ❤️❤️❤️