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Snowed in at the practice by Penny Parkes

Welcome to the Larkford Surgery in the Cotswolds, the heart of a tightknit community as well as a hotbed of drama, rivalry, resentment and romance - and that's just the doctors …
Dr Holly Graham is finding life with two sets of twins exhausting. Even with husband Dr Taffy Jones and devoted friend Elsie by her side, she is completely outnumbered. Making the transition back to work will be no easy feat but a regular slot on Radio Larkford as their on-air doctor might be the perfect stepping stone, until an unexpected job offer changes everything.
Dr Alice Walker’s new canine clinic at Larkford Surgery with Coco, her assistance dog, has been a storming success. If only shipping her best friend, Dr Tilly Grainger, in from South America to cover for Holly had been such a smooth transition. It seems that Tilly isn’t finding life in the peaceful Cotswolds valley as rewarding as she’d hoped, and she is causing chaos ..

I discovered The Larkford Series about a year ago and read the three books back to back in quick succession. I've thoroughly enjoyed following the stories of  Dr Holly Graham from book to book and couldn't wait to get my hands on the next instalment.

Rest assured fellow fans of Larkford this next instalment is ace. I loved going back to the village and the doctors surgery we have all come to love. At the start of the book Holly is on maternity leave dealing with the second set of twins and trying to work out how to balance being a mother of four alongside wanting to return to work so she can be more than just mum again. Seeing her adapt to her new life and work out how to manage it all made for a very interesting read indeed.

As usual the rest of the gang featured too. Lovely Elsie was back on full form being her wonderful quirky self and as with the previous books I loved every scene she appeared in. A lot of the story looked at new doctor Tilly and her struggles fitting into life in the Cotswolds. A lot of the story also looked at Dr Dan Carter and his new relationship. I can't say an awful lot about where that thread goes for fear of straying into spoiler territory but suffice to say I loved it.

All in all a brilliant new instalment of a series I adore. I loved being back in Larkford and am already desperate for more.