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picture books for Christmas

I love this time of year because this is when I get lots of lovely picture books dropping through my door. I seem to only be offered them in the lead up to Christmas because of course books make fantastic presents and I'm always glad to take them for review because I love a great picture book. This year I've had a wonderful selection arrive and wanted to share a few with you in case you were looking for present ideas for small people.

The selection of books I have received this year have been aimed at a variety of ages, fiction and non fiction and I've loved every single one of them.

Illumanatomy by Kate Davis

I loved illumanatomy. It comes with a viewer which is a big like those 3D glasses you had as a kid in the 90s except each eye hole is a different colour. Depending on which colour you look through you can see different layers of the human body. I did find the red layer harder to see than the others and I think therefore it's not necessarily the book to read in subdued lighting but for someone fascinated with anatomy this will go down a treat.

Here we are by Oliver Jeffers

Here we are is a really beautiful picture book. The art work of course is beautiful but the message of this book is also wonderful. It is a book written for the author's young son and attempts to make sense of the world we live on and the sentiment is beautiful which I found particularly poignant when you look at how crazy the world has been this year.

Pavilion books sent me this lovely pile of books. Dinosaurs, Bugs and William Bee's wonderful world of Trains and Books and Planes are beautiful non fiction titles which are really informative with lovely art work is begs to be poured over. I can't pick a favourite out of all three so don't make me. They are perfect for younger readers with help or for more confident readers to tackle alone.

Don't leap Larry is a lovely book which is all about being an individual and not following the crowd which is tough when you are a lemming because that's exactly what lemmings do. It make me chuckle and the art work is delightful. It'd be a wonderful one to read together and chat about afterwards.

This lovely lot came from Gecko Press and would make perfect gifts. Wolfy is a lovely picture book which I really enjoyed a lot and perfect for younger readers.

Follow Finn is a picture maze book. I love books like this because it's a book you can put into the hands of a less confident reader to show them that they don't have to be great at reading to get a lot from a book and can sit and go over all the beautiful art work and enjoy it without feeling the need for adult help which can only be empowering. Time and time again I say to kids who tell me they don't like books that they haven't found the right book yet. I think with some this could be a good start.

Impossible inventions is another excellent non fiction title covering a variety of inventions throughout time which is fascinating. I'm seeing this being perfect for a horrible histories fan because of the style of the book and the quirkiness of the history included.

Good Night Sleep Tight has already been claimed by my friend who is holding it hostage because she picked it up for a read whilst at my house last week and ended up crying with laughter at the antics of Fox and Rabbit and their bedtime antics. I think it tickled the insomic in here seeing the ways the friends overcame the challenges around bedtime. The length of it is a bit longer than an ordinary picture book but it does split down into separate stories so perfect for reading together over a few bedtimes.

I couldn't say no to where's wookie. Where's wally meets star wars. Need I say more? perfect for little and not so little people alike.

The pessimist in me really loved penguin problems. The young penguin in this book spends a lot of time looking at all the issues he has to face without considering the more positive sides to being a penguin. Perfect for someone who often thinks the grass is always greener and it made me chuckle.

Finally I received this lovely lot from Nosy Crow. To start with the book in the middle is a beautiful sticker book entitled getting ready for christmas. The art work and therefore the stickers are lovely and perfect for that miserable weather day where you want to snuggle up on the sofa and have something to occupy someone small for a few hours.

The other books in the pile appeal to my inner historical geek. They are made in association with the British Museum and very much aimed at tiny people who are being introduced to books and reading. Opposites and Colours do what they say in that they go through opposites and colours but do so via artefacts from the British museum. I loved this as it showed off lots of beautiful old pieces to very tiny ones. Mixed up faces is also a treat as it showcases a whole variety of faces all mixed up which is obviously quite funny when you are two but also then there is the challenge of working out which bits of faces match up