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The Big Lie by Julie Mayhew

A startling coming-of-age novel set in a contemporary Nazi England.

Jessika Keller is a good girl: she obeys her father, does her best to impress Herr Fisher at the Bund Deutscher M├Ądel meetings and is set to be a world champion ice skater. Her neighbour Clementine is not so submissive. Outspoken and radical, Clem is delectably dangerous and rebellious. And the regime has noticed. Jess cannot keep both her perfect life and her dearest friend. But which can she live without?

THE BIG LIE is a thought-provoking and beautifully told story that explores ideas of loyalty, sexuality, protest and belief.

My Thoughts
Really chilling and thoughtful read.

I was concerned about reading this book. I love Julie Mayhew's previous book but I am very picky at all about anything with made up Nazis because they can make me really really cross. Throwing the book across the book cross.

I am very pleased to say this book did the Nazi side very well indeed and was obviously well thought out and researched which meant I could believe in the world building and get behind the story.

The world set up in The Big Lie is a terrifying one. The Nazi state controls everyone and every aspect of their lives. Those who don't conform are treated ruthlessly and as a consequence most who haven't been fully brainwashed into believing in Nazi ideology are too scared to stand up against it and keep quiet to save their own skins.

The story itself really made me think as you see the story progress.

Highly recommended indeed.