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Lorali by Laura Dockrill

Colourful, raw, brave, rich and fantastical - this mermaid tale is not for the faint-hearted.

Looking after a naked girl he found washed up under Hastings pier isn't exactly how Rory had imagined spending his sixteenth birthday. But more surprising than finding her in the first place is discovering where she has come from.

Lorali is running not just from the sea, not just from her position as princess, but her entire destiny. Lorali has rejected life as a mermaid, and become human.

But along with Lorali's arrival, and the freak weather suddenly battering the coast, more strange visitors begin appearing in Rory's bemused Sussex town. With beautifully coiffed hair, sharp-collared shirts and a pirate ship shaped like a Tudor house, the Abelgare boys are a mystery all of their own. What are they really up to? Can Rory protect Lorali? And who from? And where does she really belong, anyway?

My thoughts
I knew this book would be special because it is written by Laura. Laura is one of those brilliantly unique human beings who shine without trying because they are just being themselves.

This book is absolutely bonkers. Quite literally like nothing you've ever read before. Just brilliant.

You will read it and want to be a mermaid. Or a pirate. Or both. The world that Laura writes just begs to be read about and I found myself completely drawn in and unable to put the book down and finished it in one sitting.

I loved the main characters Lorali and Rory. I love Lorali's naivety and how sweet and caring Rory was. I loved how the story was both heartfelt and funny throughout.

The end killed me and left me in pieces

If you want to read something truly unique pick this book up now